Change: How Do You Care For Yourself Through The Storm?


It’s hard to believe that it’s already October! Honestly, it feels like just yesterday that I was looking forward to 2018 with excitement for what was yet to come and all the new experiences to be had! As I reflect back on the year though, it’s been a time of tremendous change for me both personally and professionally. While the year has been amazing overall, filled with new friends and new and intentional experiences, it’s also been hard. Hard to shed old behaviors, old patterns, old ways of thinking and even old relationships that once was such a core part of my life.   

“If you know what matters to you, it’s easy to commit to change”

– Marshall Goldsmith

Someone once shared that it’s during the “swinging” from the old to the new that we need to take the greatest care of ourselves as well as our mindset and this has absolutely resonated with me. We can either make it harder for ourselves during times of transition or we can be our own advocate by being patient and being gentle in the way we talk to ourselves. Being this way, gentle and patient with myself, has not been easy for me! I’m a “power through no matter what it takes” kind of person so it’s a daily work in progress and seriously, it feels like two steps forward and sometimes three steps back! Yet I find that when I give myself the space to feel whatever it is I’m feeling about the change and give myself permission to just be it makes everything so much better. A little meditation helps to readjust my mindset and energy as well too! 

Do you find that you fight yourself through transitions and times of change? If so, what strategies and tactics have you used that has helped you through it? 


The Juggling Act


Ever since my three kids turned school age, September has been an extra crazy time of year.  Between all of the back-to-school activities like getting new clothes and supplies, going to back-to-school nights, the never-ending sports practices and of course, managing my clients and my work, it’s seriously insane! Despite feeling like I’m barely treading water, many women have asked me, how do you do it with three kids? Honestly, it’s been a lot of trial and error and intentionally reflecting on what works for me and my family and that also changes from time to time. What I do know is that I’m really resourceful and I’ve gotten better at asking for help with the kids when I need it and this isn’t always easy for someone like me, who feels pride in being able to do it all myself. 

The reality is, we can’t do it all ourselves. Especially in today’s world that places so many “shoulds” on being a “good” mom. You “should” go to every event. You “should” be feeding them all organic foods. We’ve internalized an unrealistic expectation to be at every extracurricular activity, while helping the kids with their homework as we cook that fresh, homemade delicious meal to feed our family AND keep it all together at work! It’s no wonder that our stress levels are at an all-time high as we push through day to day, never able to completely shut down and breathe.      

Let’s do it differently this Fall and going forward. Let’s forgive ourselves more when we feel like we’re not doing enough and internalize that we are amazing parents and that your kids will be fine if you gave them cereal for dinner. You’re doing the best that you can and that’s absolutely enough! In the meantime, here are some ways to be more intentional with how you go about the Fall craziness. Please share with me what you think about these tips. I’d love to hear from you!  

1.     Calendar It! For me, it’s really difficult to find time to plan. But, I’ve noticed that when I do give myself a concentrated and uninterrupted 15 minutes to sit down and plan for the school year by putting it all on a central calendar, it helps me feel more centered and I can plan for the weeks ahead. With three kids, my phone calendar is my life line and all of their school events, sports and social activities are there, including all of my work commitments. That way, I am able to prioritize accordingly because it’s all in one place and I can plan for the day and week ahead. 

2.     Take care of yourself! This tip is actually the most important one! Neglecting to build in time for yourself, whether that’s five minutes to meditate (try the Headspace app, it’s so quick and easy!) or 20 minutes to walk with a friend, I find that I feel overwhelmed quicker. For me, it’s crucial that I intentionally build in time to do just a little something each day or every other day so that I can function at my best for my family. That means taking time to see a friend for lunch once or twice a week or going to work out on the weekends. Since we give to others every single day, we need to give to ourselves some love and TLC. Go ahead, book that massage or go see a fun movie. It’ll be ok!

3.     Let go of what you can’t control!  I lied, this one is just as crucial to take in! As my kids have gotten older, I have become more mindful of letting go of things that I can’t control. This one is an ongoing journey (and challenge) for me because, well, I like to feel in control!  For example, if I forget to sign the field trip waiver that’s happening that day or forget to pack a lunch or something else that I wanted to be on top of, I stop and I breath it in. I remind myself that it will be ok and stop the negative chatter in my mind about how lame it was that I forgot. I then think of what I can do in the moment and gently remind myself that I’m still a great mom.

4.     Don’t compare!  This is a biggie because we live in such a comparison society! With social media ever present in our lives, it’s seriously hard not compare our “behind the scenes” life with everyone’s “sizzle reel!” It looks as though everyone has got it together and are living amazing lives. Well, the truth is we all struggle with something. I’ve also learned that if I’m feeling especially stressed or low that day, I stay off social media or I really limit my time on it. I also connect with a trusted friend to talk it out and vent or whatever it is I need to get back to feeling more grounded. At the end of the day, when we are in compare mode, we are robbing ourselves of the great things about our own lives. 

So what are your own tips or strategies?  I’d love to hear from you!  Don’t forget that on 9/15, we have an amazing session on leadership with Jennifer Laratonda.  Sign up for this free, interactive webinar today!

From Leisure Back to Leader

August is here, the last month of summer. In the next few weeks, kids will be back in school, weʼll all be cleaning that last bit of sand out of our cars or suitcases, and weʼll be settling back into our more regular routines. For many, while the beginning of summer brings longer days, vacations, barbecues, and a more laid back vibe, the end of summer is a time of renewed focus, shifting from much-deserved leisure activities back to business and academic productivity.

We transition from a slower pace to being more in charge of our schedules and performance again. As summer wraps up and a sense of productivity sets in, how are you going to approach your rejuvenated focus on your leadership presence?

Leadership presents itself across a number of areas in life. Individuals are leaders at work, perhaps as managers or executives. Mothers, fathers, and others are leaders within in their families. We can all be leaders of our own lives by taking accountability for our livesʼ paths and how we engage in, and experience, the world.

Leadership can be broken down in a number of ways. For the purposes of this blog post, letʼs discuss leadership in two parts; one being each personʼs own way of showing up for herself and authentically presenting herself to the world, the other being the strategic steps each person takes to lead. In essence, the concepts are “being” a leader and behaving as one.

1. “Being” a leader. Authentic presentation of oneʼs clearest, most interpersonally connected, and inspired self D. I. is leadership. When a person is in this space, fully connected with herself, and proceeding without judgment of herself or others, she leads through inspiration and influence. Others see and sense her clarity, confidence, and grace, and they want some of it. In short, she is leading by example, just by being her true self.

2. Behaving as a leader. The second part of leadership involves knowledge, skill, and strategy. Many leaders are subject matter experts who grew into their leadership positions by excelling at what they do as a job function. Most of them havenʼt been trained or educated specifically as leaders. For example, if asked what their leadership structure and processes are, they likely arenʼt sure how to answer. Most donʼt realize an important first step of behaving as a leader is to have a structure filled with standard operating procedures directly created for the purpose of leading.

High levels of emotional intelligence (EQ) and a competent understanding of group development and dynamics are also crucial skills to acquire and improve upon. Simply put, EQ is the combination of (a) oneʼs level of self-awareness and ability to effectively present oneself, (2) her understanding of individuals, groups, and how they function together, and (3) where and how she fits into the picture and can most effectively function there. Although a number of individuals inherently present with high EQ, emotional intelligence can be learned. It is important for leaders to recognize that while they are bringing to each circumstance their own perspectives, emotions, experiences, and styles of presenting and receiving communication, everyone else they are interacting with is bringing theirs.

Synthesizing the discussion provided above, effective leadership is best achieved by obtaining and employing the appropriate skills, knowledge, and strategy as informed by education, practice, and oneʼs clear understanding of her true self. So how are you going to approach leadership going into this next season?

Need a vacation? Read a good book!


"Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are." - Mason Cooley

Lately, I’ve been on a book buying spree, scouring the bookstore aisles for good reads that will satisfy my insatiable curiosity to learn more about the world and the people around me!  There’s also something about the summer months that makes me want to curl up on the couch and read a good book.  Maybe that’s because reading to me is like taking a mini vacation from the day–to-day grind and it’s an escape from the craziness of my daily life.  Truth be told, I’ve always loved reading and it was the perfect pastime for this introvert who enjoyed getting lost in the latest novel.  My mom used to say that as a little girl, she could always find me in a corner of any room reading, totally engrossed in the author’s words.  I’m also not a Kindle kind of gal either – I love holding a physical book.  There’s something about the smell of the pages which reminds me of public libraries and to turning the crunchy pages that fills me with joy! 

A love of reading is also something I try to instill in my three kids as well.  For our family, it’s a time when we can slow down and go to the library or nearest bookstore to stock up on their favorite books to get us through the summer months and off the TV and electronics for a bit.  But more importantly, it’s my way of bonding with the kids as we talk about the latest adventures of their favorite characters.

So as July is upon us and we have just a couple more months of summer left, here are some books that I’m loving right now.  Take a look and give yourself a vacation and escape. You deserve it!   

1.     How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith

I’m always looking for great reads on women’s development.  That is my passion so naturally I read this book by one of my favorite authors, Marshall Goldsmith and Sally Helgesen.  It’s chock full of research and ways to get around some of the barriers to getting more in your career!  I recommend it if you feel stuck in your career progression.

2.     Playing Big by Tara Mohr

I was talking to a trusted colleague of mine about my passion for women’s leadership development and she referred this book to me. I picked it up right away!  As soon as I started to read it, I couldn’t put it down!  Seriously! This book explores the ways in which we as women hold ourselves back in every aspect of life.  I saw myself in each of the points she referenced in how we play small and the book really allowed me to assess how I want to show up and the ways to do it!  It’s a fantastic read and I recommend it to anyone who wants to actively shape their lives for the better!

3.     Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Want to just escape and have fun? This book is for you!  I don’t often pick up “fun” books but on my way to London I bought it and literally read it on the entire flight!  It’s like reading one big “People Magazine” and you really get engrossed in the characters and their lifestyle!  A big bonus, the movie is coming out in August 2018!

Summer is almost here and here's why you shouldn't waste it.

As a woman with multiple roles (wife, friend, daughter, sister, partner, leader, employee), it's common for us to be in constant motion; preventing us from having a moment to take a breather. The problem with this sense of busy-ness is that it feels like progress when in reality, we’re mistaking action for results. These two don't always go hand-in-hand. Think about the last time you wore yourself down, working more than you wanted to and when you stepped back to look at the results, you realized you could have achieved the same outcome in half the time you put in. 

The constant dings from our smartphones, our Apple watches, or email inboxes pressure us to react instead of stopping to think about how we are going to respond. It's not our fault; we've been conditioned by the sense of responsibility and demands of the environment we are in. 

How do we stop and take a moment to breathe?

Take this moment to reflect on your time as a kid, running around the schoolyard on the last day of school before summer vacation. You are running up and down the schoolyard, hardly able to contain the excitement. All of a sudden, the school bell rings, and it's time to go back inside. Typically, you would feel a sense of dread, but today, you know that after your last class, you'll be on your way to two and a half months of no school, no homework, no responsibilities. With great force, you make yourself sit through yet another lesson on American History. When the final bell rings, signifying the end of the school year, you run out of the classroom and run home, the adrenaline pumping through your system... this is where freedom begins. 

As adults, not many of us are fortunate enough to take the entire summer off. But you don't have to squander the summer months away. Even if you can't take an extended period off, make it a point to schedule a few days (a weekend or two) where you can do nothing but be free. Being free can mean different things to people. Define what it means to you and pursue it.

Before the summer is over, do something for yourself to make sure you feel free.   

For me, freedom means taking a road trip in my Airstream Trailer. I don't have a specific destination in mind; only a vague sense of the experience I want to obtain. Over the past five years I've owned the trailer, I've woken up in the middle of the desert a number of times. In those moments, as the sun peaks over the horizon, it's the only time I can truly breathe in the sense of freedom. 

Find that moment for you this summer.

Me and my Airstream in the Arizona Desert.


What's Holding You Back?

It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that things are difficult. - Seneca

As an executive coach and organizational development expert, I’ve had the good fortune to be able to work with a lot of high-achieving women through the years.  Whether I’m coaching a woman to help her reach the next level or helping her with a specific workplace issue that may be blocking her from further success, I’ve observed a pattern with women’s mindsets about taking a leap or a risk which prevents them from progressing further and living and leading in big ways!

Here are the 3 most common mindset blockers I’ve seen:

1.     Getting Other People’s Opinions:  Being social creatures, we tend to want to ask “our tribe” what they think about a certain career move or if we should voice that opinion, give that feedback or ask for that raise.  If you need to get some other opinions that’s fine, but be cautious of how much feedback you ask for or how long you linger in collecting that feedback.  Not everyone understands your situation or scenario and some may even be threatened.  You know your situation the best – trust yourself and your inner compass.

2.     “I need more experience.”  This is the most common phrase from women who are afraid to take a step, period.  I know… you can think of a million reasons why you need more experience for whatever it is you want to do next.  Yet, while you are ruminating on how you’re not qualified for “x” the movers and shakers of the world are just doing it and putting one foot in front of the other and getting that raise, promotion or idea into action.  And guess what – they are no more qualified than you.

3.     What if I fail? Failure is just experience disguised. We’ve turned it into a loaded, gut wrenching thing in our minds.  Reframe it by thinking of it all as experience for the next time! 

So, what can you do to start taking more leaps?  Much of the work here is based on a foundation of trust.  Trust with yourself.  Gasp! In today’s society where we are focused on getting feedback, asking for opinions and finding the “expert” who can help, we’ve lost sight of our own inner counselor.  As women, we are wired to know how to handle a situation and how to navigate our worlds and it takes some intentional slowing down and quiet reflection to access it. 

Here are some other strategies for your toolkit!    

1.     Become aware of the internal voice that says, “I can’t do that or I’m not ready yet…”  If you’ve ever taken the time to meditate or journal, you may have noticed that our inner dialogue is a Negative Nelly!  It’s a running loop of, “that sucked, or you could’ve said it differently, or why did you do that…” and on and on.  It takes intentionality to counter this stream of pessimism.  Start with this – for every negative thought or voice you notice within yourself, come back with a positive one and keep that positive reframe train going!

2.     Amplify your strengths: Most likely, you have many strengths! Yet we tend to focus on our negatives and amplify them by talking about what we lack and are not good at rather than amplify our strengths.  Start by writing down what you’re good at.  Look at the list, take it in, memorize it and then start spreading the news by telling others what you’re good at!

3.     Don’t wait for your turn, just do it.  We spend a lot of energy and time waiting to be “discovered.”  Waiting for someone to give us permission to speak, permission to lead or waiting to be validated.  Don’t wait – just do it.  It will feel scary; your heart will pump and you may even sweat a little.  That’s ok – just take one action today and it will become easier. At the next meeting, state your opinion, don’t wait for someone to speak about it first or someone to call on you!

What's on your Spring Cleaning List?

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.
— Marie Kondo

It's officially spring. With the turning of the leaves, many of us feel compelled to scrub our homes, clean out our closets, or get a new haircut. What is it about spring that makes us want to start over? Some of these things may be relatively obvious, and you may have tackled these projects already. But what about a few critical to-dos that aren't as obvious to you?

Here are 3 things that you should include on your Spring Cleaning List this year. 

1. Re-set your goals. As you know, in business settings, company performance is tracked by quarters. And in many companies, at the end of a quarter, employees and managers typically have performance and feedback conversations to gain clarity on goals and readjust performance as needed. Now that the "first quarter" of the year is over, take a moment to re-assess your goals and intentions that you established at the beginning of the year. Have you had a chance to start an exercise regiment? No? Then start again tomorrow. Did you start that work project that you've been wanting to tackle for the past two months? Yes? Great! Keep at it, but don't be hard on yourself if it's taking longer than you anticipated. The bottom line is, this is a great time to reflect on what you've achieved, identify where the gaps are, and adjust as necessary, so you can stay on track and keep yourself motivated to finish what you started.
2. Clear your head. We are human; we are women who want to achieve more in our lives, and as a result, we don't give ourselves enough credit for all that we do, and in return, we are self-critical. The criticism may be a result of your upbringing, your recent life experiences or a combination of both. Many times, the negative script running through your mind about what you're lacking is distracting and unsubstantiated. Do you ever feel like you want to hit a delete button in your head and immediately remove all of the distracting or negative thoughts swirling around? While that button doesn’t exist, you can try to manage the negative thoughts by writing them all down on a piece of paper. Don't edit as you write and write as much as you can.After you've finished writing, take a look what you’ve written. Ask yourself, are these thoughts true or are they just words on a paper? You will be surprised by how hard you are on yourself. Let those words go and be kinder to yourself.    
3. Respond/delete forever/delegate your work emails. It's amazing how many emails you end up with on a regular basis. From your work email, personal email, fake email you use for subscriptions, they add up. Sometimes, you might hold onto emails because you think you'll need it during some critical moment in your life. The knowledge that you have a full inbox can feel burdensome. So block out a few hours of your day and go through the process of cleaning out your mail. You may never get to inbox zero, but you can certainly try! You’ll feel lighter for it. 

So here are the 3 things you should include on your Spring Cleaning List. Try all of some of these out; and as always, we'd love to hear from you on these tips or share your own with us.

Happy Cleaning! 

Who Are the Amazing Women in Your Life?

“Everyone shines, given the right lighting.” Susan Cain 
Mom hiking up a great big mountain, 2016

Mom hiking up a great big mountain, 2016

Did you know that March 8th is International Women’s Day?  While it was started in the early 1900’s, it’s a day we celebrate annually to recognize women’s achievements throughout history and across the world.

For me, IWD reminds me to pause and reflect on all the amazing women that have gone before me to bravely pave a new path or that have personally influenced me in some way.  Let’s start with my mom (pictured above)! She’s a 4’11 hiking and camping dynamo who came to the U.S. at the age of 30 to start over and give us a better life.  She didn’t know a word of English and didn’t have much money but she was scrappy and resourceful.  I can honestly say that I don’t know anyone stronger than her.  She’s gone through the hardest of ups and downs in life, experienced loss on many levels and just keeps rebounding, better than ever!

Just last year, at the age of 67, she climbed Mount Whitney – the tallest peak in the lower 48 states and she rocked it!  She then went on to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim and oh yea, hiked the entire John Muir trail too!  She is mighty!  Needless to say, she’s been my role model and someone who’s left an imprint on me to be independent and to get back up when you’ve fallen.  She also reminds me that you can pursue your passions no matter what age you are so she is definitely worth celebrating on IWD!

Then, there’s my 6-year old. She’s an ice-hockey playing, spunky, courageous girl who embodies love and strength in small and big ways every day.  I’m in awe of her and how she lives her life in the moment with zest and I hope that she doesn’t lose any of that as she grows older. 

And when I take a moment to intentionally survey my circle of friends, I feel proud to be surrounded by women who are distinct and so talented in their own unique ways.  They are leaders in their own regard just like the phenomenal women out in the world such as Oprah, Sonia Sotomayer, the first Hispanic woman on the Supreme Court and Julia Gillard, the 27th Prime Minister of Australia. These amazing women are doing great things to advance women-hood, but I’m sure if we take a moment in our crazy, fast-paced lives to really slow down and reflect, you will probably be amazed at all of the women worth celebrating in your own circle.  These women are showing up every day to giving it their all, overcoming their own struggles, getting up and going for it.  They are all so worth celebrating as well.

I know I feel tremendously lucky to be surrounded by strong, powerful, creative women that I am proud to call friends and colleagues who inspire me to do better and be better every day.  I’m curious, who are the powerful, engaging, inspirational women in your lives that you would like to celebrate on IWD? 

Don’t forget - join us on March 24th as we’re hosting a fantastic, engaging 90-minute virtual workshop where we explore your strengths and hidden talents so that you can use them to propel you forward.  We hope to see you there!

February = Love

I hid my deepest feelings so well I forgot where I placed them.
— Amy Tan
My dog Butters, Valentine's Day, 2014.

My dog Butters, Valentine's Day, 2014.

February is the month of hearts, chocolate, and flowers. It’s a month that’s synonymous with love. The concept of love sounds simple. It's an overwhelming feeling to show someone: a family member, partner, friend, or pet, how much you care about them. You might spend hours on the phone listening to a friend with a broken heart tell her tale of love and loss. You might sit with an ailing parent by their bedside and hold their hand. You might give your dog a hug in the morning because they are so happy to see you. For many of us, it's easy to show love toward another person. But for some of us, it's hard to show love toward ourselves. And why is that so difficult?

Compassion means showing love, understanding, empathy toward others and their difficulties. Self-compassion means loving yourself as much as you would others. This is much more challenging but important because you need to give yourself the same care and attention so you don't become overly self-critical, leaving you feeling depleted of energy.

For some of us, self-compassion may not come as easily as it does for other. We may not have learned this skill during our upbringing. I grew up in a Korean household and being in touch with my feelings, or expressing my emotions did not come naturally to me. As an adolescent, I was brought up to “save face,” a common Asian cultural value. This meant, that I had to avoid bringing shame to my family. So as a child, I didn't act out or cry in public, and I didn't hug my parents. Because of my early conditioning, as I got older, I became detached from my feelings (whether good or bad). I spent many decades holding back emotions bubbling inside of me. Controlling my emotions was not a healthy way to exist. Ultimately, it prevented me from being compassionate toward myself. It wasn’t until I had a series of personal tragedies occur, one after another, that I truly tapped into my feelings. Once I recognized this and gave myself permission to explore my emotions, and more importantly, express them, I began to see a positive ripple effect on my life. I later recognized that because I was not in touch with my feelings for so long, I missed out on the opportunity to truly connect with myself all of those years. 

In many ways, the act of self-compassion became easier for me when I decided to adopt a dog. If you’ve ever had a dog in your life, you know that dogs express unconditional love. It doesn’t matter if you come home in a bad mood or a good mood, your dog is always overjoyed at the sight of you walking through the front door. Living with my dog, Butters, has helped me to practice self-compassion. I felt that she didn't see any of my flaws, she only saw the good things about me. 

Over the past several years, I've learned to be even more patient with myself; to be kind and gentle. Caring about myself in this manner has helped me to develop stronger relationships with the important people in my life. I feel grateful for having built trusting relationships with those around me.   

For the month of February, if you don’t do this already, find ways to exhibit self-compassion. For example, when something goes wrong, be patient with yourself and most of all, don't be self-critical; acknowledge that mistake and move on. Or you might want to try taking an inventory of all of the long-held beliefs about you and determine whether they are preventing you from being self-compassionate. Try these things, or try something else. Whatever you choose to do, do it every day and reflect on how you feel at the end of the month. After that, join our @wevolutionus facebook group and share your experiences with us! Also, stay tuned for our virtual workshop on finding and activating your strengths scheduled for March 24th!  

Happy February!

The birth of we.volution!

this is the sign.jpg

The new year is a magical time for me.


As a mom to 3 awesome, spunky and sometimes bratty kids, I rarely get any time to myself, moving from one school or sports activity to the next while maintaining a career I love!  Yet somehow, in the start of the year, I steal myself away for however much time I can get to slow down and reflect on the past year and more importantly, to think about my intentions for the year ahead.  For me, that means actively bringing to mind what I would like to do or what I would like to experience that would enrich my life.

Thinking back, 2017 has been a fantastic year as it allowed me to re-ignite my passion for women’s leadership and what it means to be a successful working mom in this day and age.  As an organizational development guru by day, I was so focused on helping my clients that I had buried my passion for helping women on their leadership journey.  This past year has also allowed me to meet the person who would co-found we.volution with me.  It was inevitable!  Yon and I instantly connected over many discussions around our careers, the paths we took, the choices we made and what it meant to be an Asian American woman in corporate America.  Through these discussions, I also found renewed energy around the challenges of being a working mom… we talked for hours and hours and we knew we had something special brewing.  We exchanged ideas about how we wanted to help women do more, be more and to do it all while being their most authentic selves.  We spoke energetically about our paths from South Korea to today in which we overcame many struggles and challenges and we knew we had to bring those stories to life!  In the span of a few weeks, we birthed we.volution with the mission of supporting women who want more and who are ready for transformation with a community of women who are on a similar journey. 

Now, as I look ahead and think about my intentions for 2018, we.volution is at the forefront (ok…along with trying to make some more time for myself sans kids!).  At we.volution, we are committed to creating meaningful and impactful experiences and we are so excited to be able to create this unique platform that is all about developing women leaders!  Just as thrilling is our first workshop aimed at Asian American women who are ready to understand how their past, present and future all connect together.  We will also host workshops and create transformative experiences focused on working moms, launch resources you will dive into and more!  I’m psyched for the year ahead because this work is so very important.  Creating a forum for women to develop themselves as leaders in all aspects of their lives, to do more and be more is what’s needed in this world and we are really looking forward to connecting with you!  

Take a look around our website! Let us know what you think about we.volution and we hope to see you at our upcoming workshop on February 3rd!